About biodoser

What it is and what it is for?

BIODOSER is a machine used for dispensing biomass (corn silage, grass haylage, plant remains and other organic materials up to the size of 10 cm) into biogas station fermenters. The entire machine structure is based on the load-bearing foundation frame, to which the doser hopper, the floor chain conveyor, and the dosage system are attached. The legs of the unit are attached to the electronic scale tensiometers, which allow for the dosage of the precisely determined quantity of material to the fermenter using the control system.

The hopper is assembled of thick steel sheets and reinforced with steel profiles. The hopper size can be modified according to the customer’s requirements in volumes of 32, 52 or 72 m3. The double chain conveyor transports loaded material to the dosage unit. This conveyor’s speed is electronically controlled using the frequency changer and directly controls the size of the dose.

The dosage unit consists of 2 or 3 horizontal shredding rollers. These rollers further shred and regularly dose the mass into screw conveyors feeding the fermenter. The screw conveyors are not included in the basic execution; they are available as an option. The machine is equipped with its own control panel and central lubrication of all bearings.